Trying to get it

Understanding isn’t as simple as it sounds. But trying will let you understand about something new.
Then you will see another world in front of your eyes.


Just listen

Some said it was a virus, others were convinced it was the fury of God, the only true is that someone is laughing about us. Somewhere.
The lies, the words, the most powerful weapon the humanity ever have. But it’s best known as fiction, really that what I heard. And we love trusting in fiction. We always care about what they say. Yes, they are saying things all the time.
Now the world is a disaster. But we don’t have any explanation for that, we just listen. Trust me, I’m a good listener.

Nueva incursión

¿Qué es esta nueva incursión?

Hoy, quiero anunciar (tambores y redoblantes), mi nuevo blog! 😀

¿Qué tiene de nuevo el blog?

La verdad, es que estuve pensando respecto de hacer un blog en ingles. No es la materia en la que destaco, pero me defiendo. Así es que hoy, me propuse comenzar.

Sin más les dejo el link

My English Blog

También pueden acceder por el menú superior de este blog.

Espero visitantes, jaja 😀

Un saludo Grandeeeeeeee!! 🙂